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    City Of Atlantis
    Atlantis was maybe the most developed civilization that ever existed, many times compared with the perfect utopia - that is from some legend. That island was a great naval power but it sank into the sea ocean into a single day, after the try for invading Athens. This game is based by that city. This is hidden object game, very interesting and fun in same time. But also is hard because the objects are hidden very well between all the details in the picture. You have to be concentrated before start. On the left side of the scene there is list of items that you should find. As you find items, a new word appears and that means a new item have to be found. Your job is to find 25 objects if you want to unlock next level and you have 120 seconds for each of four levels. If you are faster your score will be better! So get for your score!

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    City Of Atlantis  
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