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    Where is my Wallet
    This game takes place in the old part of one beautiful city. It is some kind of a touristic part so there are many shops full of interesting souvenirs. The game includes 5 levels and each one of those levels is a picture from some part of the city. In every level you need to find 10 particular items that are hiding there and those objects are given on the list positioned under the main scene. Finding all of them in each level is a condition for moving into the next level, and since there are 5 levels, we will tell you from the start not to expect finding the wallet from the first level. The time given for finding the objects is not limited but still we recommend you to try to be faster since that way you may earn a lot of points. Also there is no hint available for the game, so everything is up to you. The final part are the instructions as always.

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    Where is my Wallet  
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