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    Silence of the Tree House
    Tree houses are incredible place to live in, or just stay for some period of time. Almost every child that has a chance, tried to make himself a tree house but those houses are usually smaller and not so solid and safe. We must say that building a tree house is actually very serious job, and if you like to be able to spend some time in your house, without thinking that it’s gona crash, you better make it strong or simply consult an expert for doing that, or at list someone that knows the things. On other hand, tree houses are the only type of buildings in some parts of the tropics. They are either fastened to trees or elevated on stilts, which keeps the living quarters higher than the ground so the occupants and their food will be safe from scavenging animals. In some places there are tree houses that nearly 40 meters high, again for better protection.

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    Silence of the Tree House  
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