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    Stunt Pilot 2
    Your goal is to fly through all the existing rings again. But this time it is a bit more difficult as you can crash into the ring. Each level sees you flying your plane through a number of rings in order to complete the course. In a change from the original game, you now have to "unlock" an exit ring by first flying through all of the normal rings in order. You will have to avoid a number of obstacles along the way. Giant rock formations, hot-air balloons and zeppelins, racing pylons, and trees are just a few of the things that could bring an early end to your stunt flying career. Use UP/DOWN ARROW KEYS to control the plane. Press SPACEBAR for boost. Get a chain bonus by flying through multiple rings without crashing and get a boost bonus by holding boost while flying through a ring. Have fun!

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    Stunt Pilot 2  
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